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Bury Your Heart in Beans at Taqueria Cancún

Updated: Sep 07, 2015 04:07
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Taqueria Cancún in the Mission gets name dropped pretty often on this site, but it’s never had a full post dedicated to it, which is weird because it’s so good and so cheap. So if you kind of know but aren’t really in the know, these are the reasons you should eat at Taqueria Cancún:

1) Preme baby-sized burritos.
2) Price. A super burrito is $5.99 plus some tax change.
3) Sinus-clearing salsa. Every San Franciscan could use a little more “authentic spicy” and a little less “white people spicy” food in their lives.
4) Shorter lines. El Farolito is just down the block, and they have all the street cred. You’ll find yourself waiting longer for the same caliber burrito.

Taqueria Cancún
2288 Mission St at 19th St.
San Francisco, CA

Thanks to yelper David G for the photo.

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Rebecca Pederson - Cheap Date

Rebecca Pederson - Cheap Date

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