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Union Hall: Go for the Bocce, Stay for the Bathrooms

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I am unfortunately not in NYC right now for the shit ton of snow and to punch people who use the word “snowpocalypse,”  but agree that it looks like father winter was super drunk and got carried away with the whole weather thing. I know for a while I’d be content re-watching Uncle Buck and downing spiked hot chocolate in my apartment, but then I’d get curious about what’s going on outside. Or run out of spiked hot chocolate. And then I would go to what I’ve decided is the perfect bar to be snowed in at, Union Hall.

I know we Broke-Ass writers let you know about the cool things you should go to at Union Hall, but didja know it’s a pretty awesome bar to go to even aside from the cool things we tell you about because we are so cool that we want you to know about cool things like us? It’s got a fireplace for warming your little chestnuts. It’s got a free bocce ball court for showing off one of the few sports you can handle while heavily intoxicated. It’s even got a little garden where the smokers go and kill the plants. Add cozy seating (really!), many leather-bound books, an above average number of bathrooms, a live music venue downstairs covered in eccentric attic paraphernalia, and a new weekly comedy night like “Pretty Good Friends” hosted by Eugene Mirman, and you could say you got yourself a good bar.

BUT. Revelry and lots of bathrooms doth not a good bar make. Union Hall’s also got a surprisingly good food menu with appetizers like Floyd’s Beercheese and Crackers for $4, and one of the best veggie burgers I’ve had at $10 including a side of sweet potato fries. The beers on draft and in the bottle are clearly listed with prices above the bar, as is the wine list, and include the likes of Modelo and PBR for $3 and pours like Rogue and Guinness from $5-7. Knock a buck off those, well and wine drinks from 5-7PM Monday-Friday during Happy Hour and I’d say this bar just went from good to great.

Union Hall
702 Union St (between 4th Ave & 5th Ave)
[Park Slope, Gowanus]

Photo Credit: Union Hall

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