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Top 10 Neon Signs in San Francisco

Updated: Jul 19, 2017 09:42
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Broadway, San Francisco. Photo from Thomas Hawk

There is nothing in the world quite like a neon sign. Sometimes big and other times small, they tend to represent the most obvious form of advertising in that they’re the best attention getters. I’m more likely to go to a place with a neon sign, since I adore them. The sad part is that most of them are dying with places of yesterday. Along Mission Street, many of the old movie theatres and playhouses still have the larger-than-life marquees up, but time has forgotten the illuminations of those little colored lights. Here are my top 10 favorite neon signs in the city. Be sure to catch them before they’re extinct!

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1.  Castro Theatre :A total classic. Since its revamp after the Milk filming, its been shining brighter both day and night. A total must-see.

photo by Keith C. from yelp

2.  Roxie Theatre: The red glow of this light is super pleasing when bar hopping on 16th and Valencia. Plus, the Roxie shows some of the most badass movies for cheap.

3.  Doc’s Clock: I’ve never actually been to this bar before, but I always see the neon sign when I’m on Mission and I think its one of the most amazing things ever.

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4.  High Tide: Stu fucking loves this place. A definite bar to keep in the lineup, plus, the neon sign is a great thing to see when stumbling out and getting drunk for under a buck.

5.  Broadway Corridor: Strippers have never looked so lit up and classy.

6.  Whiz Burgers: This huge sign that beckons from S. Van Ness makes eating super-cheap and yummy burgers a pleasure under its glowing beams.

7.  Alhambra Theatre: Yeah, I know, this part of town is bouge-y and the fucking theatre was turned into a Crunch gym, but that’s no reason to not include it on this list. I remember getting drunk at the Buccaneer and standing underneath the sign for about 20 minutes after I left the bar.

8.  All Star Donuts on Chestnut: This is a new favorite of mine. There are so many All-Star donut places in the city, but this one beats them all with its neon awesomeness.

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9.  Golden Boy Pizza: Its all about the finger. And cheap late night pizza with a side of the Stones.  Mick would approve.

10.  500 Club: I think it would be kind of sacrilege to not include this place. Probably one of the best glasses that I’ve ever seen on a neon sign.

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