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Divisadero Art Walk

Updated: Aug 11, 2011 15:55
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I’m a festival whore– I love them! And even worse if it’s an art festival. I always end up spending too much money; between my too-many purchases and the overpriced food and drinks, my expression suddenly shifts from a full-teeth grin to an eye-bulging frown once I finally realize my thinning wallet.

Thank God the Divisadero Art Walk exists– perfect for broke-asses! From Haight Street stretching all the way to Geary Street, tomorrow’s art walk action runs from 6 to 10pm. What’s better than awesome music, affordable food and drinks, and, of course, the main attraction– the art, duhhh!

Some awesome broke-ass highlights from the festival to look forward to:

The Little Chihuahua 292 Divisadero 5pm-11pm Resident Artist: Gavin Worth Specials: $3 Pints and $3 tacos
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Paulette Greenhouse - The Penny Pincher

Paulette Greenhouse - The Penny Pincher

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