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Cheap Beauty Tip of the Week: Three Reasons Why Beauty Schools are a Bargain

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There’s something really amazing about having your hair done professionally. The right cut and color can be an instant mood lifter and give an otherwise negative attitude a major adjustment. The industry standard to maintain any professional hair cut or color service is typically six weeks. What if shelling out hundreds of dollars on hair and skin services every 42 days isn’t a feasible financial option? Beauty schools enable broke-asses everywhere to maintain their “champagne” hairstyles while living on a “beer” budget. Here are three reasons why the best beauty bargain in town for professional hair and skin services are beauty schools.

1. Cost

The same type of haircut, color, facial and waxing service that’s offered in a professional salon or spa will be available for less than half the price at a beauty school. The only thing you’ll pay more for at a school is time. This is because the students perform all of their services under the watchful eye of their instructors. Students have to consult with their instructors before, during and at the end of every service. This is to help make sure that both the client and the student remain on the same page throughout the entire service.

2. Service

Even though students in beauty school are new to the industry, they’re very eager to please their clients. This is a win-win situation for the client who enjoys attention to detail and appreciates someone taking the time to make sure that they’re really happy. Most schools will offer some sort of Satisfaction Guaranteed policy within the first few days after the original  service. If the cut needs a little adjusting or if the color isn’t quite right, check in with the school. Clients typically have a grace period for when they can come in for a color continuation or cut adjustment, without having to pay for another full service. Just ask.

3. Convenience

Beauty schools act as a one-stop beauty shop for all of a client’s beauty needs, for any occasion, without having to break the budget. In addition to haircuts, color services, perms, facials and full body waxing services, most beauty schools also offer makeup refreshes and lessons along with fancy updos or styles for any special occasion. Beauty schools can hook you up for a fraction of the cost charged by professional spas and salons.

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Kathleen Neves - Beauty Babe on a Budget

Kathleen Neves - Beauty Babe on a Budget

Licensed esthetician by day and product junkie and writer by night. I love reading, writing and researching beauty and makeup topics such as education, new makeup/skin care product launches, product reviews, beauty advice, product ingredients, special/local beauty events, as well as documenting my own professional experience as an esthetician. Living in San Francisco is expensive so I am always on the hunt for cost effective beauty bargains.