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City Shutterscape- Blipboard Blips Noe Valley; San Francisco Saves Esta Noche

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In this installment, Fabian caught Blipboard as they highlighted the Noe Valley’s destinations for Broadbent Pinot Verde, Saru sushi served on Tibetan pink salt, and art supplies. And later, he snapped some shots when the city poured into Esta Noche as David Campos’ office and the city’s drag luminaries and dj supertars raised the dough and saved it from closure.

                                         5/18 Day- Aneil gets the inside info on horchata at Little Chihuahua Noe Valley


                                       5/18 Day- The Peaks pops up cheap hooch and Giants/Niners games.

                                                                               5/18 Day-  Colour wall at Artsake.

5/18 Day- The Blipboard party crew at Caskhouse. Left to right: Andy Raskin, Jason Fischl, Michael Housewright, Yumio Saneyoshi, Aneil Mallavarapu, Tina Hui, Jessica Whitworth, Tara Miramadi, and Marian Dessailey

                             5/18 Night- Fierceness on the formica- Persia in the dressing room at Esta Noche.


5/18 Night- Lounging barside: Tom Temprano (aka DJ Carnita) and the city’s newest bombshell, Grace Towers.


                                                  5/19 Night- Mistresses of Ceremonies, Anna Conda and Heklina


   5/19 Night- Marga Gomez show her support and shouts out her Comedy Bodega every Thursday at Esta Noche


                                                           5/19 Night- Lulu does it her way as only she can

And for one more glimpse of scenestealer, Persia, when she nailed it with her performance on the city’s current state of affairs, go here.






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Fabian Echevarria- Frugal Photo Pro

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