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Infamous Van Will Have Its Own Party in SF

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Extreme sports enthusiast and walking Australian cliche, ‘Ron’, came to California to pursue his extreme sports passions:  kite surfing & wing suiting.  On his bucket list was to buy and a van to cruise around in, and go to Burning Man.  His disgusting and/or funny van made local news headlines in Sacramento when he parked it on his way to Burning Man.  Apparently the photo was taken by children too young to understand the ‘joke’, and has since gone somewhat viral.

Now this is kind of funny if you don’t have any children and you are 4-5 whiskeys deep on the playa.  Drive it anywhere else and you will more than likely get arrested or at the very least, stomped out by a mob of neighborhood watch moms.

But good news! ‘Ron’ is skipping town and he’s auctioning off his molestation/murder van this Saturday!!!  In his words (and I’m paraphrasing b/c I can’t take watching his youtube video again), “Since I have to leave the country eventually, I realized I can’t destroy the van because it means so much to America culturally, so I’m going to have a hilarious, spectacular auction for it!”  Wow, Ron, thanks man! Wow!  It’s so cool of you to sell back your cop-magnet van now that you’re fucking-off abroad!   Here are the details for you van enthusiasts out there:


In Ron’s own words:

Facebook Page:

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