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Reporting Live From 4/20-Fest…on 4/21 at like 10AM or Something

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“What a magical day of splendor in the grass, glory in the flower, we will watch people do ‘dollar daps’, and celebrate stoner power.”


Hippie Hill April 20th, 2016, at 4:21pm reporting live from Hippie Hill at 4/20 Fest in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park on April 21st at 10 something in the morning.

We inched along through a steady malaise of dreamy smiles, bad tattoos and enthusiastic entrepreneurs selling all manner of food & marijuana paraphernalia.  A man with a python around his neck sold ‘dollar daps‘, a man with a pitpull puppy and a baby in his arms offered FREE joints w/ purchase of a t-shirt.  There were sodas, cupcakes, BBQ, hemp backpacks, bongs & Budweisers, all readily available at makeshift stands and tents, it was like being at an unregulated open air market in Kolkata, only everyone was really, really high.


GG park’s Hippie Hill now has several clothing lines

At exactly 4:20pm there was not a dry bong in sight, a huge plume of smoke rose above the park,  a cheer erupted, there were countless slow motion high-fives, nods, and thumbs up signals throughout the area.

Feasting on sunshine & coco puff treats the brave crowd of thousands hunkered down in a deluge of weed smoke strong enough to put a small horse to sleep, in order to celebrate their holiday, April 20th.  NOT because it’s Hitler’s Birthday, NOT because it’s the anniversary of the Columbine High School Shootings, but because (some think) that stoners from San Rafael coined the term when they used to smoke after school at 4:20pm in the 1970’s, and artists like the Grateful Dead picked it up.  Whatever the origins of the date, 4/20 is now a staple of marijuana celebration nation wide.

pizza genie

This amazing lady calling herself the “Pizza Genie” was selling slices

no hand selfie

There were tons of pictures being taken, sometimes #selfies were taken with no hands at all

drum circle

Surprisingly few drum circles, a lot more hip-hop than reggae

All kinds of treats

All kinds of treats for sale

They were registering voters

They were registering voters

entreprenuer hot dogs

This guy was selling 50 cent water and dollar hot dogs

wounded souldiers

There were some #Fails, after all everyone was real real high

At one point in the day there was a short stampede that caused a tent to take flight and 2.3 hippies to wet themselves.   A wall of about 100-200 stoners all started running in one direction, like a flock of confused birds.  Nobody seemed to know why, it must not have looked too serious from the police helicopters vantage point because a few minutes later things went back to normal, uniformed police presents on the ground was very minimal. As far as we are concerned everyone was very friendly, for an event with seemingly no state supervision, it was very peaceful and stress free.


yeah, lots of this


The crowd began to thin out as the sun went down, and of course there was trash everywhere


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