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What The Fuck Is Farm To Table?

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“Farm to Table” is the latest trend amongst the foodies and the environmentally friendly these days. Not only can you help reduce carbon foot prints, you can cook up farm fresh veggies and place them right on your table. Get it?

With everyone so health concious about GMOs, additives, pesticides and God knows what else corporate America is adding to your food–you might want to considering clean eating. That, my broke-ass beautiful friends, starts with farm to table.

What The Fuck Is Farm To Table? 

Just what it says. You get food from a farm and put it on a table. No really, it’s locally sourced veggies, fruits, and dairy. Everything from eggs to cheese, yoghurt and milk–all fresh, all totally god-damn delicious.

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You’ll never eat another white egg from the super-market again–okay, I won’t because they taste like wet dog now.


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There’s A Name For Farm To Table Foodies

If you love your local farmer’s market and going to restaurants that serve locally sourced food, you’re a locavore or localvore. Locavore’s tend to eat food that is produced within 150 miles of where it is purchased or served.

How Do You Ensure That The Food You Purchase Really is Farm To Table? 

“Every company that you’re going to run into is going to have a different definition for local,” says Jamie Moore, director of sourcing and sustainability for Eat’n Park, a Pittsburgh-based restaurant with locations across the Eastern part of the U.S. “Moore and others agree that the rule of thumb adopted for local ingredients is that they come from within a 150-mile radius.”

The best way to make sure your food really is farm to table:

1. Buy it yourself from the local Farmer’s Market. Don’t be afraid to ask vendors where they come from either.

2. Roadside food stands are killer as well! If you’ve been to Florida, the best thing on earth is Plant City strawberries and you can buy them right on the side of the road. I buy two punnet, because I can’t ever make it home with just one.

3. Eat at independently owned restaurants instead of chains. Talk to the chef about where they get their ingredients and source their local produce. Who knows, you might just learn a thing or two for the next time you want to strike up a killer conversation with someone about climate change or sustainability.

Why It Might Actually Fucking Suck

When it comes to restaurants, like Eat N’ Park (which is awesome for broke-ass beautiful people who like salad bars and cheap, scrumptious knock-off Big Mac Meals) they are only 20% locally sourced. Just like the word “organic” anyone can use it, but you don’t bloody know if it the stuff you are eating is from a local farm. Why? Because assholes who just want to capitalize on the farm to table movement put lovely little disclaimers in their menus stating “All restaurant information is subject to change without notice.” Which means, it might not really be completely and utterly locally produced.

How do you go about finding out what is and isn’t in these places? See #3 above. Research local restaurants, talk to people, check out locavore forums for the city you live in–and ultimately prepare your food at home if you are truly committed to a farm to table lifestyle.

Farmer’s markets really are the tits when it comes to preparing delicious meals on a broke-ass budget.


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