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Exploring Outdoor Bars In Portland

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Portland, Oregon is an amazing city. So often you hear about its wet, dreary winters, that seem to stretch from one grey eternity to another. I have never formally lived in Portland, but I have spent enough winters up there to know that sound of endless months of drumming rain. But then low and behold! Spring arrives and the city burst forth from the mud and clouds like a brilliant phoenix. This is the Portland that I, and so many, love. The sun, the warm nights… It is this love of the fleeting days of summer that we use to celebrate some of the finest outdoor drinking spots in Portland!

The Good Ship Booze

The Good Ship Booze


I am going to assume that since you are reading this particular piece, you probably enjoy the dynamic duo of alcohol and being outside. Now, mix the two aforementioned with BEING ON A GOD DAMN BOAT.  Sounds good right? You bet. The BrewBarge ferries merry-makers up and down the Willamette River, so you can effectively combine your buzz catching with your site seeing. Starting at the Riverfront Hotel, this booze cruise is BYOB and lasts an hour and a half.

Classy & Woodsy!

Classy & Woodsy!

Doug Fir

830 E. Burnside Street, Portland, 97214

I fucking love the Doug Fir. It’s got a very 70s groovy feel to it. The food is good, the drinks strong, and the bathrooms are covered in mirrors shot with gold (to date, my cousin and I have taken a zillion photos in this bathroom). In addition to being a great place to knock back some beer and eat some delicious food, the Doug Fir steps that shit up to the next level by not only being a great venue to catch live music and DJs, it also has a commanding patio, which is a great place to stare at the stars and take in the Oregon sky next to the fire pit.

No, it's not an outdoor shot, but with enough booze it could be!

No, it’s not an outdoor shot, but with enough booze it could be!

Bar Maven

6219 SE Foster Road, Portland, OR 97206

Formerly an old biker bar, Bar Maven is going through a total makeover, switching up the battered leather jackets for skinny jeans. If I had one word to describe this bar it would be cool. The walls are covered in neat shit and the patio doubles the bar’s space. In addition to a beautiful outdoor area, Bar Maven features local brews, dim lighting, and a Middle-Eastern inspired menu makes Bar Maven a perfect place to kick back and enjoy the summer.

Date spot de jour!

Date spot de jour!

Bar Bar

3939 N. Mississippi, Portland, 97227

Affiliated with the legendary venue, Mississippi Studio, Bar Bar is North Western gem. The bar has ample seating, a sprawling patio, fire pit, good food, and the bartenders are zippy drink-slingers. Besides being a great place to enjoy an adult beverage with some amigos, Bar Bar’s patio is also a fantastic place to take a date. I mean, catching a show at Mississippi Studios and heading next door to enjoy a soft summer breeze, delicious cocktail, and classic movies projected on the outdoor wall says loooooove connection to me!

I enjoy my drinks in the sun

I enjoy my drinks in the sun

Roadside Attraction

1000 SE 12th Ave., Portland 97214

With a name like “Roadside Attraction” how could you not immediately kind of already love this bar? Well, take a good name and mix it with cocktails and grungy, whimsical decor and there you go! The happiest place on Earth! Roadside Attraction is a beautiful treasure box bar with a lovely patio area that is filled with wooden benches, a large swing and a fire place. All you need is an unquenchable thirst and possibly some sunscreen if you’re visiting during daylight hours.

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