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10 Cool Things to Collect

Updated: Apr 26, 2022 10:10
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Collecting requires dedication and passion, willingness to search antique shop after antique shop to find that perfect piece you’ve been searching for. Though being a collector can take time and patience, it pays off and you might find incredible things to collect. Some collectors’ items become valuable over time, and others reward collectors through entertainment and a sense of organizational pride. Collecting can be an exciting hobby for anyone.

Here are 10 cool things to collect right now

1. Vintage Fashion

In today’s fast fashion landscape, vintage designer fashion pieces make great collectible treasures, especially for those with an eye for design. Collecting old designer fashion — including handbags, jewelry and runway pieces — has become popular enough to draw a dedicated community.

If you’re interested in picking up remnants of a bygone style, you may find what you’re looking for at a vintage fashion event organized by a partner of the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Collectors generally recommend you collect unusual pieces that you care about. Wanna start collecting? Check out The Comic Garage! They send premium curated comic books straight to your door.

Vintage “Grapette Soda‘ began in 1939.

2. Vintage Advertising

It may sound odd, but there’s a huge market for vintage advertising signs. For new collectors hoping to earn money from their investments, this market provides the perfect opportunity because demand for certain brands remains consistent.

Signs for recognizable brands like Coca-Cola and Campbell’s Soup earn plenty at auction, especially in good condition. However, even the humblest signs make nice home decorations for enthusiastic collectors.

3. Retro Video Games

For many people, retro video games hearken back to a simpler time. As the people who grew up with the games grow their purchasing power as adults, it’s no surprise that retro video games make popular collector’s items.

If you enjoy games yourself, consider starting a collection. Games that are rare, historically significant or famously bad can all turn into highly sought-out collectibles.

4. Comic Books

People have collected comic books for a long time. However, the popularity of the recent Marvel movies has raised new interest in the hobby. Some important issues sell for huge amounts, from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on condition.

It’s hard to know what comics may become valuable in the future, and rare issues may be difficult to locate. However, if you love superheroes or enjoy comic books, this could still be a fun and enriching hobby. If you’re in San Francisco make sure to pop by Mission: Comics & Art and pick up some great reads.

5. Old Coins

Coins are classic collectibles. Because many collectible coins are made of precious metals like gold and silver, coin collecting makes a financially stable hobby that never truly goes out of style.

You can collect a wide variety of coins, including some that derive their value from their age and historical significance. No matter what kinds of coins you collect, make sure to store them securely and safely, away from potentially damaging chemicals and conditions. By storing your coins properly, you can ensure they retain their value.

6. Vinyl and Music Memorabilia

Music fans in the digital age no longer rely on physical copies of their favorite songs, but some people still gravitate toward them. Vinyl records make especially great collectible items. Popular and strange albums draw fan attention. For example, one copy withdrawn copy of the David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs reportedly sold for $3550 on ebay in 2003, thanks to it’s weird cover art.

If there’s a band you just can’t get enough of, you might enjoy collecting their albums and other memorabilia.

7. Toys and Action Figures

Nostalgia drives the market for collectible toys and action figures. From Polly Pocket to Star Wars figures, kids of the 70s, 80s and 90s are gobbling them up. If a particular toy has a place in your heart, there’s a good chance you’ll find it online. Collecting toys can bring some childhood magic back into your life, and rare toys in good condition could fetch a pretty penny in years to come.

Akin to toys, cards of toys as collectibles have really come back into style.  You can search for Pokemon cards by card name and/or number in massive online data bases and find whatever you’re looking for on the open market. For example search for your favorite characters like Charizard #4 or Bulbusaur. You can also search Pokemon Cards with a photo now.

8. Rocks and Crystals

Rock collecting isn’t just for kids. Amateur geologists find joy in collecting rock and crystal specimens of all types. The best part is that many people can find interesting rocks in their literal own backyards.

Crystals are in style right now, so if you’re hoping to post some gorgeous photos of your collection on Instagram, this might be the way to go. Plus, there’s a low cost to entry for this hobby, and you’ll learn a lot about rocks and gemstones along the way.

9. Vintage Glassware

If you can’t stand the thought of your collection gathering dust in an attic, consider collecting vintage glassware. This collectible has tons of variety to suit any taste, and it’s also functional. Collectors enjoy vintage bar-ware, cups, dishes and more.

Collecting glassware gives you a unique opportunity to express your style while putting your investment to good use, so it’s perfect for both aesthetically driven and practical collectors. Speaking of glassware, you can join the American Cocktail Club get expertly crafted monthly mixology delivered to your house!

10. Obsolete Tech

Life today is digitized and streamlined. However, desire for old technology still remains, fueled by nostalgia as well as utility. Typewriters, turntables, old televisions and computers all make great collectors’ items for tech nerds. You could hang onto them to appreciate their history or sell them to other people looking for a way to play their favorite records or home videos.

Start Your Collection

Collecting can be an extremely rewarding hobby. These 10 items make great collections, but no matter what you decide to collect, be sure to enjoy yourself and take pride in all your hard work.

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