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Ordering Weed is Finally Just like Amazon Prime

Updated: Dec 13, 2018 19:19
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Stuart ordered an ounce of premium cannabis from his phone, for $59. You can too.

It’s crazy how easy it is to get cannabis delivered to your door these days.  Far from the shady and unreliable ways you used to ‘score pot’ back in the day, before it became completely legal in CA, remember?  Meeting some guy in a parking lot, or having to drive to some weird house to make an uncomfortable exchange, and all for some weed that you had no idea where it came from, or how it was grown, or what kind of chemicals were on it. Yeah, that was @$%# crazy, but the game has definitely changed.

Flower Company sells Humboldt , medical grade, ounces of weed for $59 online,  and delivers it to your door by hand.   That’s not a typo, that’s ounces with an ‘O’,(and ‘door’ with two ‘O’s’).  That’s also why Stuart is now a Flower Company Gold member and why we’ve partnered with them to promote their incredible, Humboldt grown, wholesale Cannabis service in the Bay Area.

Nowadays, you can get the finest weed and edibles made in the world, delivered to your door, as quickly and as easily as ordering something on Amazon Prime.  And you get that little kid feeling, that unwrapping excitement, when your envelope full of awesome, Humboldt grown goodness arrives at your doorstep.

Stuart ordered an ounce of Humboldt grown ganja, and it costs $59 an ounce.  And you can too.

Stuart ordered some of the highest quality marijuana in the world, at wholesale prices, online.  Flower Company is called the ‘Costco of Cannabis’ for a reason, they are the first, locally owned, straight-up wholesaler in the Bay Area.  They cut out all the middle men and bring the product straight from the farmers.  Usually, they require an annual membership, but right now you can get your first order without one.

Flower Company has everything: indoor, outdoor, cartridges, concentrates, shatter, edibles, accessories, all at wholesale prices.

Read our interview with Flower Company’s locally grown co-founder here.  And checkout Flower Company’s menu this weekend!

Order from Flower Company anytime between Friday 4:20 pm – Sunday at Midnight.  Deliveries are scheduled in 90 minutes windows, on Wednesday 8AM-4PM, Thursday 6-10PM, or Saturday 10AM-2PM  (you must be home to sign for it!).





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