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Rickshaw Stop’s 15th Anniversary Week Will Be Unparalleled

Updated: Jan 26, 2019 16:18
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When founder and owner Christopher White, opened Rickshaw Stop 15 years ago it not only marked the birth of a new venue in San Francisco, but also his family was celebrating their first born child. As the venue started to make a name for itself, Chris’s family was also naming their second child. It was then that he decided to start saving band t-shirts from the artists that played his venue. The vision was that the box would stay sealed until his children were old enough to wear them. Perhaps one of your band shirts made it into his box? This year as the venue celebrates, his family is also celebrating because they get to pop the box open.

As we focus on a celebration of life, it’s also awesome to consider how a venue in SF manages to thrive. I asked Rickshaw Stop’s talent booker, Dan Strachota, what their secret is. He believes the key is keeping an open mind, if someone brings them something crazy, like horse lube wrestling, they’ll consider it. They want to show everyone a good time, and they’ve worked to continually update their sound system and lighting rig. Fans should not attend a show and later complain about the experience the venue provided. Dan says he wants to bring more joy to the world and less sadness. You might say Rickshaw Stop provide’s a place for creative people in the Bay to have an outlet.

I remember when I first started seeing shows at the Rickshaw Stop back in 2006. I wanted to discover new music and meet local rock stars. There were so many awesome bands, but there is one night that sticks out the most. One cold night in February I put on my over the top fancy 70’s suit and complimented it with an orange butterfly collar dress shirt and SLR camera. I was feeling myself and it must have shown. I hadn’t been at Rickshaw Stop long before lead singer Jayson Martinovich (formerly Music For Animals, now Van Bobbi) made a point of complimenting me. “A dude that looks that fly, must be working on something that I need to know about.” (And I was … then SF Intercom now Balanced Breakfast) Peacocking worked so well for me that night that I considered doing it every night.

(Click to enlarge photos. ? Geoff Smith: Pussy Riot, Crowd. CJ Lucero: Geographer, Icona Pop, Lightening Bolt, Tune-Yards)

Join Rickshaw Stop from January 9th to the 12th for some serious creative release. You might also see me donning one of my over the top dress suits. Enjoy music by Diet Cig, The She’s, Topographies, Sean Hayes, John Vanderslice, Capital Cities, Planet Booty, Coast Modern, The Y Axes, and DJ Brother Grimm. Hopefully somebody walks up to you and asks you how you got so cool.

Rickshaw Stop’s 15th Anniversary Week

Wednesday, January 9
Rickshaw Stop’s 15th Anniversary Week
The She’s
8 pm • $20

Thursday, January 10
Rickshaw Stop 15th Anniversary Week
John Vanderslice
7 pm • $25

Friday, January 11
Popscene + Rickshaw Stop present
Rickshaw Stop 15th Anniversary Week
Planet Booty
plus DJ Aaron Axelsen
9 pm • $25/28 • all ages

Saturday, January 12
Rickshaw Stop 15th Anniversary Week
The Y Axes
plus DJ Brother Grimm
9 pm • $20/22

Who are you looking forward to seeing the most? We’d love to hear your stories from the week or maybe from the last 15 years. See you on the dance floor, hope your peacock feathers are flying high.

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