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Second Sky Music Festival Attendees Were Too Tired For This Years Festival Season!

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While the excitement was high initially, Second Sky Music Festival attendees realized ever so quickly their bodies weren’t actually ready for festival season. As it turns out, one and half years of staying at home to shelter in place had made them too soft to stand. Thus many early festival attendees took advantage of the soft astroturf conveniently installed in the Oakland Arena parking lot as a place to take naps. Inadvertently, festival organizers had unwittingly created a safe and convenient spot for people to take an expensive afternoon nap.

This years’ Second Sky Music Festival required attendees to show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test that was less than 72 hours old. However, attendees were not asked whether or not they could stay awake for 10 hours of live music. Festival organizers must have assumed music fans had been conditioning their bodies in the off-season. As you can see in the photos that was not the case! Although festival season came late this year … it’s finally here. Festivals we wanted to attend in 2020 are now available in 2021 and selling out. Second Sky Fest, which happened on September 18th and 19th. With almost 40,000 tickets purchased, the event sold out its first date so quickly they had to make the festival a two-day event.

It was an amazing weekend, fans swarmed the first day of the event in festival shirts from years previous and dressed as various anime characters, I didn’t recognize. Although there were plenty of people sleeping, it was fortunate the first day of the festival was sold out. Thus there was still a large percentage of people awake to enjoy Porter Robinson and other amazing acts like Madeon, Jai Wolf, Toro Y Moi, Jon Hopkins, Jacob Collier, Wavedash, Knower, and Air To Earth. While in the photo pit I think I heard a front-row fan say, “I’m so glad I didn’t go out this week, otherwise I would not have enough energy for this!” Or I think that’s what they said, it’s hard to tell when everybody is wearing a mask and the bass hits so hard.

Additionally, this year’s attendees had to be some of the most patient people I’ve ever met. They stood in line for the bathroom, queued up for the merch tent, and even waited to get photos at the variety of Instagram-ready installations. I actually believe some fans spent more time in line waiting for a photo with DJ Potaro than they spent listening to the live sets.

Those that weren’t sleeping on the astroturf or standing in line to get an IG photo truly brought their A-game. The buns were out and all genders were participating. Many attendees had group themes, while others fashioned gear they bought after standing for hours at the merch tent. Most festival fans were excited to have their photo taken, although one would only take a photo if I joined him. As much fun as I had, the one thing I didn’t see at Second Sky Fest 2021 were festival totems, is this fad so 2019?

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Stefan Aronsen

Stefan Aronsen

I do not sing, play the drums, clarinet, guitar, piano or harmonic ... but I have tried! My passion for music began when I was still a pre-teen begging my parents for my first drum set. After a year’s worth of lessons, it was clear that I wasn’t very good at drums. So I moved on, joined the school band, and tried my hand at the clarinet. Again after a year’s worth of lessons and hard work I was without much skill. This continued through elementary school and into college with voice lessons, guitar lessons and finally piano. It turns out that while I could recognize good music; I lacked the talent to make it.

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  1. Lorin Tri
    September 21, 2021 at 12:54 pm — Reply

    Hi, while at the festival in the VIP section I believe a young man overdosed. It was pretty traumatic and I’m not sure if this has been reported on. I’d like to know if he made it. No one around knew CPR and the security guards didn’t know what to do. I’m planning to get certified after this scary situation. Again I hope he survived.

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