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The Cheapest & Best Movie Theaters in SF

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We went through the trouble of going to all the SF Movie theater’s and writing down their ticket prices for you, in order to find the best deals, but in our search, we were also reminded that there are aspects of our theaters that are much more significant than just the ticket price.  But in any case, here they are.

All ticket prices are for Adults, and if you buy them online you will typically have to add between $1.50-$2.00 per ticket as a convenience fee.  If you’re interested in seeing 3D, Digital XD, Dolby, Real D, ect. or movies with children and seniors then go look up your own fucking ticket prices.  If you’re interested in going to cool, cutty theaters in SF with awesome matinee prices then look no further.

Cinearts at the Empire $5 Tuesday Special

By far the best movie deal in town.  Every Tuesday Cinearts theaters do regular movies for $5 in SF.  (3D, XD ect. cost more). In West Portal all the theaters are just regular movie screens so they cost just $5 on Tuesday, day or nigh. This is by far my favorite theater in SF, it’s in a cutty little suburb called West Portal, but you can take MUNI there surprisingly easily, and the neighborhood is chill with decent dive bars and restaurants.  The theater itself has a very strange configuration that we’ll let you discover on your own.

Cinearts at Empire
85 W Portal Ave, San Francisco, CA 94127
Tuesdays: $5
Matinee: $8.75
Regular Adult: $10.75


This Tuesday special also includes the much bigger Cinearts Theaters in SF!
Century San Francisco Centre 9 & Century 20 Daly City and XD
Tuesdays: $5
Other Days regular price: $15.25
Cinemark Matinee:  $13.00

The Roxie Theater $10 Matinee

The Roxie is a classic, it’s one of the oldest continuously running theaters in America (started early 1900’s), it’s also a nonprofit and an SF landmark.  They do all kinds of cool shit there too, indies, festivals, art films, big films, small films, fun premieres, beers, wines.  It’s pretty great.

The Roxie Theater
3117 16th Street, San Francisco, CA

Matinee 10.00
Regular $13.00

Balboa Theater $9 or $10 Matinee

One of the few theaters in SF that is nearly 100 years old (Opened February 7, 1926).  They have a mix of big movies, indies, & screenings  it’s well worth the full price ticket of $12.50, and it’s sister theater the Vogue is a nice old spot too.

Balboa Theater 
3630 Balboa St San Francisco, Ca
MATINEE $$9 or $10
Regular Adult $12.50

Vogue Theater 
3290 Sacramento St.
San Francisco, Ca
MATINEE $$9 or $10
Regular Adult $12.50

Opera Plaza $8 Matinee

601 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102
Matinee: $8.00
Standard: $10.50

Most people have never heard of this theater, but now that the AMC on Van Ness is gone, this spot should see some more traffic.  Not a lot of history to speak of but three inexpensive screens none the less.

Castro Theatre

Built in 1922 this theater is probably San Francisco’s favorite.  It’s got a wonderful organ, art deco brilliance on its walls and ceiling, and they have little mermaid sing-a-longs that turn the biggest bear into an 8-year-old girl again.  The programming is great and so is the ambiance.

Castro Theatre
429 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA
Adult – $13.00
Matinee – $10.00

AMC METREON & Kabuki $7.99 before Noon

If you’re a weirdo who goes to movies in the morning, then you probably already know this, but the AMC theaters in SF are cheap before noon if you want to see something in 2D without the bells and whistles, as soon as you go to the IMAX 3D for example the ticket price jumps to $21.49.

AMC Metreon 16
135 Fourth St Suite 3000 San Francisco, California 94103
Matinee before 12pm $7.99
Regular adult: $14.49

AMC Kabuki 8
1881 Post St San Francisco, California 94115
Matinee (before 2pm) $7.79
After $15.49

Honorable Mentions:

Landmark Theaters
Matinee: $11.50
Regular Adult: $13.00

Alamo Drafthouse
2550 Mission Street  SF CA 94110
Matinee: $12.75
Regular: $16.00
Convenience Fee: $1.59

Presidio Theater
2340 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA 94123
Matinee: $12
Regular Adult: $15

4-star Theatre
2200 Clement St. SF. CA. 94121 (415) 666-3488
 (All shows before 2pm daily)
Regular Adult: $12.50 

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