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SF Woman is Completely Out of Hot Weather Clothes 4 days into Heat Wave

Updated: Sep 07, 2022 18:42
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After several consecutive days of extremely hot weather aka heat wave in San Francisco, many SF residents are finding themselves completely out of warm weather outfits. “One or two hot days are fine, great even, but four days in a row!?”  Exclaimed SF resident Sara MacDougal, “The only clothing options I have left are shorts from college and a startup tanktop my ex-boyfriend left at my house in 2009.”

Cindy Kwan of Russian Hill had similar frustrations, “I am literally out of outfits that aren’t meant to be worn with tights.”  She continued,  “also, the only tank top I have left literally says, ‘This girl needs a beer,’ so its’ definitely not appropriate for work.”

Chad Smithers of Rincon Hill expressed his frustration with his lack of summer clothing.  “I’ve worn the same pair of cargo shorts for days now, because they’re the only pair of shorts I own, but the sweat stains are starting to really show, if this heat doesn’t stop soon I may have to move to Seattle.”

“I’m down to wearing a sarong to work now.”  Said Mitzy Russell. “Two different coworkers asked me if there was a ‘luau party’ at lunch.  I didn’t have the strength to tell explain to them that sarongs are from Indonesia.”

Hold on San Francisco, the fog CAN’T be far away.

*This article and the interviews may be satire, but the struggle IS REAL.


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