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All Debate Candidates Receive ‘Participation Trophy’ from Chuck Todd

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The first of two Democratic Presidential Candidate Debates were held in Miami Wednesday evening.  Ten presidential hopefuls covered everything from healthcare reform to the economy in various, 30-second soundbites.  At center stage stood Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, she was the highest polling candidate of the evening and NBC moderators asked Warren four questions before most of the nine other contenders had been asked two.

Booker, Warren & O’rourke Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

With such a large pool of candidates, not everyone could get equal time, or have any actual chance of becoming the 2020 candidate.  So NBC’s Chuck Todd handed out participation trophies to all the candidates from Wednesday’s debate.  “Here you go Governer,” said Todd to candidate John Delaney while handing him a trophy.

“I’m a Congressmen,” replied Delaney.

“Sure! Congressmen…what did I say?” asked Todd, who clearly had no real idea who Delaney was.

Todd continued to pass out participation trophies saying, “feel free to fill in your own name on the trophies, get it engraved, do what you want, call yourself President if you like.”

Senator Warren gave her trophy to Mayor Julián Castro, for having to listen to Booker and O’rourke speak Spanish all evening.

*This article is satire, but tonight’s 2nd debate is not!  The 2nd Democratic debate with Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Pete Buttigieg and 6 others will air tonight on NBC, 9pm EST & 6pm PST.

Curious who the 20 candidates are?  Here’s a cheat sheet with short bio’s on all of them on NYTimes.

If you missed yesterday’s coverage here’s the entire 5 hour broadcast, actual debate starts around the 2 hour mark.

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