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All The Independence Day Protests & Rallies In The Bay Area

Updated: Jul 02, 2020 20:13
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Independence Day Protests

Image: Mobilius in Mobili via Flickr

Instead of celebrating July 4th, many Bay Area activists will come together for Independence Day protests to celebrate the lives of people lost to police brutality in the last 240 years. We the People will form a more perfect union, establish justice, and ensure fireworks are going off all weekend with the continuing social justice protests that just won’t stop until the police-industrial complex goes down.

Important note: We’re seeing spikes in COVID right now so, while attending all these Bay Area protests, it’s important to protect yourself and others. Make sure to wear masks, use hand sanitizer, and social distance yourself as much as possible. It’s also important to get free testing for COVID, even though you might not be showing symptoms. Learn all about how to get free testing right here.

Image: Yashmori via Flickr


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Santa Clara Protest

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Vacaville Protest organized by @voicesofvacaville

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Be safe out there while taking part in these Independence Day protests!

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