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SF Dispensary CEO’s Alleged ‘F*ck Black Lives Matter’ Tirade Gets Shop Graffitied As Racist

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Mission District cannabis dispensary MediThrive found itself in hot water this weekend — and also coated with a giant graffiti tag calling them “RACIST” — after a viral pro-Trump and “fuck BLM” (Black Lives Matter) private social media post allegedly posted by the dispensary’s founder and CEO Misha Breyburg was shared widely on Friday and Saturday. Breyburg, who now claims he was hacked, had a private account which posted in his name the message “Fuck BLM, fuck Antifa, fuck the brainless idiots in Hollywood, the NFL and the NBA, and fuck leftist ‘feelings.’” The post was accompanied with a “Trump 2020 – Fuck Your Feelings” graphic.

The response was swift, as you see below. Medithrive’s front gate was apparently tagged with six-foot tall letters saying “RACIST” early Saturday morning. could not confirm this tagging in person, but we did notice a highly unusual 9 a.m. Sunday morning paint crew on the premises doing some cover-up work as seen below.

Medithrive CEO Misha Breyburg now claims his account was hacked (specifically he said: “My Facebook was compromised. We are currently investigating the incident and are unsure where the breach was made and how,” according to social media reports.) He has since deleted his Instagram account, but deactivated and then restored his LinkedIn account, and deleted but then resurrected his Facebook account to display only one post

Still, over the weekend, Medithrive’s Yelp page was flooded with negative reviews over the controversy. Yelp has since shut down review capabilities on the page prompting the “Unusual Activity Alert” seen below.

Screenshot: via Yelp

For what it’s worth, Medithrive posted an obligatory pro-#BLM post once the scandal got out of hand.

According to a 2005 San Francisco Chronicle profile of Breyburg, “He is unapologetically Republican and proudly drives an eight-cylinder, gas-guzzling Mercedes.” Medithrive was also named in the Rudy Giuliani Russian associate scandal, wherein the New York Times reported that Giuliani’s alleged henchmen steered “a $1 million investment into a California cannabis management company, Venture Rebel, which helped run a San Francisco cannabis shop known as MediThrive.”

Dispensary owners are totally allowed to be Republicans and Trump supporters who talk shit on social media. That’s all perfectly legal. But it’s also perfectly legal if you never, ever want to spend another dime at Medithrive again, as long as the place is run by people who say “Fuck BLM,” “Fuck Antifa,” and “Trump 2020 – Fuck Your Feelings.”

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