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Sadly, The Revolution Cafe is Over. We Really Loved It

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The Revolution Cafe is officially shuttered, with a ‘for rent sign in the window’.  The owners are silent, but the neighborhood has known for months.  A group of about 9-10 regulars have been discussing the possibility of taking it over, but there is nothing concrete.

The Revolution Cafe, 22nd St. SF.

Everybody liked Revolution, it had a patio open to the sidewalk, live music you could hear on the street, and it’s in the center of a great block of the Mission.  You could stroll down 22nd on any given night and find something cooking. 

Revolution had that European café layout, where there was just enough room for a quartet, a bar, and a few small tables so close you had to talk to your neighbor, hell, you went there to talk to your neighbor. You went there to hear jazz, or folk, or classical musicians, and drink beer after coffee.  You went there because when the door opened at Cava 22 across the street, you could hear cumbia and smell tequila and sangrita.

Rip Escape from NY.

You went to Revolution before you grabbed a slice at Escape from New York to sop up the booze, you went there after you got your hair did at Pretty Pretty or your vegan black bean breakfast at Boogaloos, you went there because you hoped to meet that girl from the Makeout Room, that you made out with…at the Makeout Room.

The Makout Room, SF

You went there to see if there were any cool new murals on the street, or any new pinata’s at Latin American Club (there never were), or because you were finally taking that class at City College.  You went there because you happened to walk by on a Thursday and see their was a block party/community market in the middle of the street. (coming back March 11th btw!).

Mural by Carmen Mcnall in 2017, on the side of Revolution Cafe

The owners Andre and Jennifer Larzul initially had a GoFundme to save their venues and support their staff back in March of 2020.  But small businesses can only take so much, this is a spot that deserved legacy business status.  The pair are silent on the issue now, and for the time being, ‘The Revolution’ is over.

Goodbye Revolution, we hope you are resurrected soon!

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  1. March 4, 2021 at 8:04 pm

    Cafe Revolution, too special to lose, free flowing talent central, pray the spot is revived for the pleasure of the hood.

  2. March 9, 2021 at 9:47 pm

    Please let us know who to contact about helping to bring the Revolution back. We played most every Sunday afternoon for 3 years, and would love to help in any way. As well as be able to play regularly again! Cheers, “Borogroves”