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The World Renowned Bart Basel is Back!

Updated: Dec 07, 2022 18:06
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Are you ready for the glitz and glamour?  Can you handle it?  Photo by Sara Scanlan

San Francisco has a long tradition of strange, wonderful, DIY, street performance art.  A practice made famous by groups like the SF Cacophony society and the SF Mime Troupe, dating back to the 1970s and beyond.  From the annual Hunky Jesus Competition to the Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race, from The Billboard Liberation Front to Burning Man to the St. Stupid’s Day Parade, to just spicing up a Tuesday, San Franciscans have created their own forms of public performance art for decades, simply for the sheer creativity, folly, and fun of it all.

Bring your own big wheel race, SF. Photo by Shalaco

Dressing up and getting weird with your friends and neighbors, is as San Franciscan as a Boudin bread bowl, and twice as satisfying.  So tell your fellow art nerds, creatives, and your generally fun people… that BART Basel, the moving, satirical, art festival on a train…is happening.

Bart Basel 2021. Photo Shared by Vallery Lancey

Bart Basel is Back!

Now that I’m off my pulpit let’s talk about the “world-renowned” unsanctioned art festival that takes place on trains and visits 6 impromptu art galleries inside BART stations, and asks you! The fair citizens of San Francisco get on your pulpits and create the spectacle together!

In the words of Bart Basel: “BART Basel 2022 is the leading train platform connecting collectors, gallerists, and artist.  In addition to networking with celebrities and models on BART, we’ll be revealing a variety of sculptures which will be located on pedestals at each platform. Exclusive artwork may be available for the finest of BART collector.”  -Bart Basel Chief Curator Danielle Baskin


Bart Basel 2021.  Shared by Gretchen Bringas

Eclectic formal attire is preferred within the galleries.

There’s 6 participating galleries showing significant works. All on BART.


We will travel together to each station.

  • 4:00 – 4:28pm — Embarcadero
  • 4:31 – 4:43pm — Powell
  • 4:47 – 4:59pm — 16th St. Mission
  • 5:04 – 5:20pm — Glen Park
  • 5:30 – 5:48 — Colma
  • 5:59 – 6:15pm — San Francisco Int’l Airport

The itinerary is subject to slight modifications.

The last stop will be SFO! Then there’s an after-party on AirTrain.

Shared by Gretchen Bringas

Do you want to be a gallery manager to assist with light setup and announcements? Tell Bart Basel when you register! (but of course, registration is not required to attend)

How much are tickets?

BART Basel is free! But BART itself has transit fare costs. Expect to pay up to $9 for the full journey.

Is this an official BART event?

This is not an official BART sponsored event.

What is eclectic formal attire?

Think: eccentric art collector going to a super fancy art show. A brightly colored suit. Gold shoes. A long sequin dress. We’ll be providing special lanyards and wrist bands.Masks are welcomed too.

What if I miss BART?

We’ll be at each station for 10-15 minutes. Check the schedule to try to find us! Try to aim to get to Embarcadero at 4pm, so you can stay with the group as we roam.

Bart Basel Shared by Vincent Woo

See you all at the Embarcadero Bart Station platform, this Saturday, December 3rd @ 4pm.

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