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24 May 2009

FREE Cultural Escape: DanceAfrica Bazaar

This massive outdoor market with over 250 vendors began yesterday, continues today, and will wrap up tomorrow.   I’m not particularly interested in buying any of the wares (divestment folks, its the way of the future), however, culturally speaking, it could almost be  like a trip to Africa.   Since I haven’t

20 May 2009

“Boozin’ and Tomfoolery” And Cheap Wowch

Big, galactic high-five to MyOpenBar (which I’m always ready to give) for listing tonight’s sarty (sale-party) of Wowch stuff at I Heart.   I don’t actually care about the clothes, but the Wowch seems to be a legend.  I’m not talking about whatever cultish fame he/she ( I don’t even know!)

18 May 2009

Get Discounts @ Groupon with Collective Buying Power

  I didn’t see that slight incline, scuffed my foot, and stumbled upon a website that has a featured discount everyday.   The only problem is, the deal isn’t guaranteed. Other people (ugh) also have to get on board and commit to the deal, hence the name Groupon. Don’t worry though,

14 May 2009

FREE Modelos (Beer, not Latina Models) at Billy Reid Pop-Up Shop Social

I think we should all take a moment to thank black market rogues and permit-less street vendors for the biz model now being used by pop-up shops. The difference is these stores are evading large financial commitments, whereas counterfeiters and shawarma slingers are ducking the armed arm of the law.

10 May 2009

The Good Shop Grand Opening Party = FREE Drinks

I’ve been walking by this spot for a few weeks now, waiting to see what it’ll finally look like when it opens.  When they initially started working on it, I asked the kids sitting outside, “Hey, what’s this place  gonna be?”.      One of them replied while smoking a

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap 2
08 May 2009

Skinny Bitches shop for cheap — BCBG, Ella Moss Sample Sale This Saturday!

I cannot fit into anything in BCBG. Yes, I am outing myself on the internet.   I am in no way, shape or form considered slender, skinny, slim, petite, svelte or trim. This does not mean I do not love the stuff BCBG and Ella Moss come out with ‘”

Monica Miller - The Intern 0
08 May 2009

The Cheapest Gyms Ever?

Gyms. We’ve lost site of their true purpose.  Locker rooms with Bay Rum, moisturizer, and whatever fancy stuff women use.  Since when does working out demand immediate pampering?  I learned some perspective after a year working out in Nicaragua.  There were 3 types of gyms where I lived.   Gym

06 May 2009

“How Much Is that Laser Removal, Again?”

By now everyone, living or dead, knows about our girl Kari the “Hipster Grifter” who parlayed the urban white males offensive fetishization of Asian women into big, big money. When the folks at Vice magazine met her they fell hard for that edgy haircut, childlike eyes and of course the

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