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10 Jun 2022

We Found The True Origin of Oakland’s Tiny Windmill

Did you know that Oakland has its own windmill? Locals of the Bay Area have cherished the two beautiful windmills of Golden Gate Park. Their large stature dwarfs anyone who stands near them. Driving down Telegraph, you’ll find Oakland’s tiny janky windmill… a dilapidated, sad, graffitied building tucked next to

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09 Jun 2022

Who Will Replace Chesa Boudin? Just Follow the Money

A billionaire conservative and his GOP pals spent $7 million on a campaign to convince San Franciscans to recall District Attorney Chesa Boudin. They were helped by a steady drumbeat of negative press, which blamed Boudin for all the crime and homelessness in San Francisco, the same problems we’ve had

Alex Mak - Managing Editor 10
08 Jun 2022

Peaches Christ’s Horror Film Starring Natasha Lyonne is Back!

“All About Evil” boasts an incredible cast able to bring both the laughs and the gore.  In addition to Lyonne and Dekker, the other actors include: “Elvira” herself, Cassandra Peterson; John Waters muse Mink Stole; Noah Segan (“Looper,” “Knives Out”), Ashley Rae Fink (“Glee”’s Lauren Zizes); and writer/director Joshua Grannell as Peaches Christ.

07 Jun 2022

The Federal Reserve Wants To Lower Your Wages

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell took aim at American laborers during a press conference early last month, announcing he wants “to get wages down.” Powell cited better pay as the culprit behind soaring inflation rates across the country, saying the Federal Reserve is about to raise interest rates by half

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07 Jun 2022

Why San Franciscans Should Appreciate Daly City

San Franciscans have made a habit of shitting on Daly City that I’ve never quite understood. Our arguably foggier neighbor to the south is indistinguishable from many of the residential neighborhoods in San Francisco. So, why all the hate for Fog Town? Daly City is fucking safe. Like hella safe.

Abraham Woodliff - Bay Area Memelord 2
07 Jun 2022

Caffeinated But Not Woke: How White Fragility Pervades The Workplace

WRITTEN BY: HABIBI BRIDGES I was a new hire at a local coffee shop here in San Francisco that outwardly prides itself on its wokeness, but ironically has a history of scandal involving racism and sexism. I noticed many of my coworkers making jokes that would be considered inappropriate if

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06 Jun 2022

First Probable Case of Monkeypox Found in San Francisco Resident

The San Francisco Department of Public Health on Friday announced the first probable case of monkeypox has been identified in a San Francisco resident. The case was identified through testing at a California Department of Public Health laboratory. The individual traveled to a location with an outbreak in cases, is

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03 Jun 2022

How Social Media Subcultures Can Help You Build Your Small Business

Sitting in a hospital bed with nothing to do but draw, Michael Kreiser was a creation machine. Even before a surprise hip replacement left him sedentary, he committed to creating at least one piece a day after coming home from his day job. Kreiser was thinking about Kendrick Lamar’s album Damn. It was here, in a moment of post-operation inspiration, that he hit upon his big idea. 

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