Saint Stupid’s Day Parade Today

It's gettin kinda stupid out here Davey... Photo from

Through the Intercession of Imbeciles

I Love A Parade was a song written explicitly with San Francisco in mind, and few are as adept at embracing the city of yore, kinda today and maybe tomorrow than the St. Stupid’s Day Parade.
Stupidity licks at our heels these days as often as it did yesterday and why not recognize the grand idiocies and wave the dunce cap in cheer?

Bishop Joey calls the faithful to gather at the Embarcadero to follow the Via Dumbfounderosa in the tradition of that which falls in weekday time.  Revel ye revelers, the bells call, and remember costume, as always, is encouraged.

St. Stupid’s Day Parade
Justin Herman Plaza
12:00 p.m.
[The Embarcadero]

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