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Indie Mart: A Broke-Ass Photo Wrap-Up

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The funny thing about the Indie Mart is that you kind of can’t believe its fun. Even from my point of view, where I’m sitting behind a table all day drinking, you can’t imagine how much of a good time was had by all. If you came out and said hello, we truly thank you for supporting local writing to the fullest. Like any party, I started off taking pictures and ended up passing out on the floor somewhere, camera barely intact. Here were just a few shots from some of our favorites on Sunday…

Lauren Venell at Sweet Meats insists that vegans are never a problem. Even though I’m veggie right now, she still gave Stu and I some great “I love you more than bacon” pins. Think of someone you could give that one to? Nah, me neither.

Kandace over at Mnkr was proudly sporting one of her brands designs — one that I don’t get but is somehow hilarious. They were hookin’ it up for kids in the crowd — I managed to snag one of their super awesome scissor v-necks. Not only that, but she showed us some love as well. Nice meetin’ you, girl!

Paola Loves To Shop was selling great door knocker earrings to go with your finest. Also, their ad and my haiku’s were on the same page in the zine! Fuckin’ greatness.

I completely fell in love with Tomoko Maruyama’s prints of the City. Greatest new original vendor I saw this time around.

One-sies from Animal Instinct can make your baby the badass of the sandbox.

The ladies at Hummingbird Vintage had amazing finds at dirt-cheap prices. Jennifer and Annalise just got their Etsy store up and running — check it out for all their awesome picks!

Interns make the world go round, and these two were the cutest ever. These ladies were running around like mad all day — here they are making buttons and custom beer cozies.

Mission Skate was holdin it down.

Shotwell had a great setup with awesome new and vintage pieces, ranging from buckled gladiator sandals to denim hot shorts.

These suitcases were fucking amazing, especially the one with the gold teeth. How fucking rad is that!?

A passerby poses for us with her extremely awesome Leonard Cohen totebag.

Kelly, in all her sassy glory.

And somehow, I managed to not get photos of either Jack Passion or the beautiful lady at Kingdom Cake, who were rigged up near us all day. It was great hanging out next to the cupcakes and the dude with a huge beard.
If you missed out, don’t worry! The Indie Mart will be back in August and will be more rockin’ then ever.

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Monica Miller - The Intern

Monica Miller - The Intern

Ms. Miller was born in San Diego, CA to one lesbian mother and one
righteous, cheap father. Currently, she is enrolled at San Francisco
State University for a B.A. in Journalism and the approximate
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kidding about the date thing; if you love food, booze and shoegaze,
get at me.]


  1. FashionWhore
    June 30, 2009 at 3:36 am

    Any more info about the cases? Who created? Where can we buy em?

    • Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap
      June 30, 2009 at 10:40 am

      Not sure, but holler at Kelly from the Indie Mart on the Indie Mart’s website. She’ll be able to tell you.