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7 Places To Get Drunk and Lose Your Dignity: SF

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This little gem came from

This little gem came from

Whether you admit it or cower in shame, it’s happened to all of us. The one-too-many-moment, two steps away from worshipping the porcelain god, trying to drown your sorrows…whatever you may call it, being too drunk in front of people is both humiliating and hilarious to your audience of choice. Though many Broke-Asses choose to drink at home on the cheap, here is a list of the seven best places in SF to degrade yourself in public:

The Triangle [Marina] '” If you can actually muster up the cash to pay over $5 for a Bud just to hang out with a bunch of blonde, fake, scuzzy and rarely attractive individuals in the Marina, the question becomes, what you WON’T do to make a scene?  Seriously.  There are more douchebags within one block of this place then in the entire city combined on most nights. Whether you’re trying to to get up on some ass that you’re not-so-sure is natural or trying to kick the shit out of the chode in the Ralph Lauren polo shirt, be sure to make a scene.

Dolores Park [Mission] '” A classic place to lose everything, including your mind. We’re honestly thinking about writing a guide on Dolores Park etiquette, considering the influx of peeps over the last year. Just be sure before you take a hit off that bong and do your last keg stand that you still have your pants on.

Badlands [Castro] '” Every straight dude or lady knows the situation — your main gay is going out with all his buds and wants you to join in. You figure since there are no heteros within a mile of this place that you’re safe. I’ve seen the craziest dance laden, coke infested parties in this place, and you never know — you just might discover that batting for the same team might not be so bad after all.  Only Facebook knows the truth the next day.

This is what a night of 80 cent drinks leads to

Bar on Church [Castro] '” If $.80 drinks on Monday nights aren’t enough to make you lose your shit, there is no hope for you yet. ‘Nuff said.

The Brown Jug [Tenderloin] '”When you order a Manhattan and the bartender says, “We don’t do that kind of fancy shit…we’re more of a beer and shot kind of place…”, you know you’re down for cheap drinks and a life changing conversation with ol’ Fred. Or Bob. Or…whatever the fuck his name is, he better listen!

Rented Trolleys '”Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve definitely flipped off more of these things than I can count, but you have to admit — if you were on a rented, cheesy cable car, wouldn’t you get wasted and yell at people on the street too? Yeah, thought so. Still, its not as awesome as the party bus that’s going to definitely rock the Broke-Ass pub crawl this year! [Stay tuned for all the details!]

The Mint aka The Work Party Gone Wrong [Castro] '”The next time your boss suggests a little karaoke for the company work party, adamantly suggest something else. The last thing you need to do is be sucking back Martini’s like its 1999 and doing horrible Prince impressions that no one will EVER forget.

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Monica Miller - The Intern

Monica Miller - The Intern

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