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There are those that write blogs and those that read blogs. I find that I’m way better at creating content than I am at reading content.

I am a producer not a consumer. However, in the past few years of networking and running in to interesting people around SF I have created a small list of blogs I try my hardest to read … when I am in the mood to read. I thought it would be fun for this post to highlight some of the blogs I sorta read. I write a survival guide for bands called SF Intercom, thus a lot of the blogs I sorta read are music blogs. So when bands ask me “how can I get more press for my band.” My first question is always, what blogs are you reading? Generally the response I get is: NONE. Thus my first piece of advice is: fix that! As a remedy to this problem let me start by suggesting you read The Bay Bridged.


Started in 2006. The Bay Bridged specializes in educating the public about  independent music in San Francisco & the Bay Area. If you’re researching the local music scene, likely you’ve heard about The Bay Bridged. If you haven’t you’re either dead or not paying attention. The exciting thing about The Bay Bridged is the fact that it was started as a project of passion by two guys who were fans, not bands and were, at the time, working on projects that had nothing to do with music. Now they both have everything to do with the indie scene in the Bay Area. Christian and Ben have their hands in projects on both sides of the bay. I admire their dedication to approaching the scene from the angle of “Bay Area” not “SF” and “other.” Check out The Bay Bridged. They’re doing a great job of branding themselves as a major supporter of local music.


Peter Arko from Ears Of The Beholder, introduces you to the best new SF bands he discovers daily. I constantly type this address wrong! I have had to start reminding myself, we have two ears for listening, not just one. Thus when you visit his site, type, without the S you end up on a site that in no way relates to music. I met Peter at Benders during a Sugar & Gold show. He was introduced to me by one of his friends as, “my friend with the blog.” Eventually the friend with a blog got a chance to tell me his name and his site. After the show I went to my studio to do my research. What I found was pleasantly exciting, Peter writes a blog about the indie scene as it unfolds. If you want to know who’s big in SF, who you should be listening to, whom you should book your next show with – read Peter’s blog. Eventually you’ll get to know his writing style, at that point you should send him your music. Make sure you follow his guidelines. Bloggers are a great way to get your music out to a larger audience and get a feel for how you’re doing.


Not a blog per se but important to launching indie bands. Catch Live 105’s Music Director Aaron Axelsen in the mix every week on Soundcheck, 8-10 p.m. Sundays on Aaron’s passion for new music makes it possible for him to predict and, in many cases, even dictate the tastes of listeners of all ages and demographics. Most Live 105 listeners credit him for their introductions to hundreds upon hundreds of great but virtually unknown bands, a fair share of them from the Bay Area. Many of these bands’ careers may never have gotten off the ground without the exposure afforded by a single spin during “Soundcheck,” a weekly showcase for emerging artists. Aaron also runs Popscene every Thursday night at Rickshaw Stop, a nightclub on the edge of the Tenderloin and Hayes Valley. Aaron uses Popscene as a second vehicle to introduce fans to local live bands. Live or on the radio, I highly recommend looking up and following Aaron Axelsen.


Located in Marin, yet supporting efforts here in San Francisco, as well. I first discovered Local Music Vibe at Brian Zisk’s SF MusicTech. They were one of the supporters and thus had posters up everywhere. I got curious so I went on a search for more info on them. When I finally found their mission statement my first thought was, “Oh, $ht! Their goals are the same as mine.” I got nervous. How was I going to compete with an entity that had already started, already had fans, bands and venues, and had similar goals to mine. Then all of a sudden it hit me, the ultimate “duh” moment. “It’s not a competition, it’s a community!” It was then that I realized the need for as many advocates as possible. Later that day I met Shelley and her husband who both run Local Music Vibe together. They are both great people. If you live in Marin, can get to Marin, or can send somebody to Marin in your place. I recommend checking them out. They do some amazing networking events, including a Wednesday coffee group that talks about resurrecting the ever-changing music scene.


The Deli was started in NY, but can be found in Austin, LA, and SF. (Perhaps a couple of others, but who cares? Sorry—that’s mean! I love Seattle and Portland—but that’s it!) (Ok—sorry again!!! That’s just not cool! It’s possible there are cool cities other than just SF. I’ll come visit you soon, then decide. Ha!) I digress! I originally knew about The Deli SF through my friend Emily. However before I was able to do any major research on them, she moved to The Bay Bridged. Then just when I was starting to get connected to The Bay Bridged, she moved to Portland. (I’m not ready to move back to Portland.) Anyway … The Deli SF is great if you want to read about SF, then get side tracked, suddenly end up in NY, and then, before you know it, visit Austin. Another cool area of the site is the Kitchen, a user generated blog for non-Deli writers to write stories and advice.


Located in SF and covering the indie scene you’re in. The Owl Mag is a San Francisco/Bay Area centric online music magazine. They offer insightful news, reviews, videos and features about local artists, emerging/unsigned bands, independent DIY-ers and those that have “made it.” Their intention is to create a place where music lovers can submerge themselves in genuine music knowledge without feeling out of place. The Owl Mag remains objective and true to the Bay Area music scene. They highlight many artists and quality venues. Their goal is to provide an easily perusable site that lets fans find information on a range of different music styles. They call themselves Owl Magazine because owls are nocturnal and seen as being wise. They suggest it’s like their readers, but one could also argue it’s like them. They are here in SF, they are writing about bands. You should really check them out.

SHOOT … I feel like this blog is getting too long … I wanna mention a few more … Guess I’ll have to write another blog like this. But real quick check out & (I might be a touch bias cus they’ve written about me!!!)


So now I’m curious, what blogs are you reading, and how do you keep track of them? Please reply with links to your favorite blog, and the RSS tool you use to keep track of all the new posts. This is a perfect time for self promotion! I’d love to know what blog you are writing!!!

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Stefan Aronsen

Stefan Aronsen

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Now I'm broke, beautiful, and writing about music for Stuart...