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 Canned Tuna canned tuna

While most people may find canned tuna a bit repulsive and unattractive due to the obvious fact that it is a canned food, I happen to have fallen for it. It has saved my soul on various occasions. Just grab some mayo and maybe 2 slices of toast and you’ll be good to go. A single can of tuna should not be any more than $5, and of course this depends on which brand you are buying. But still, don’t even try to be fancy because quite frankly…you can’t afford to be!

 Ramen Noodlesramen noodles

Come on, you know you still love Ramen noodles, even post-college life. What can be easier than adding water and warming up some noodles and voila! Bon appetit! Life doesn’t get much easier. Oh and they are…what? $0.60 at Keyfood or around that price at another supermarket? It’ll save someone else’s life if not yours.

HalalHalal Cart 1

If you’re out and about and suddenly find yourself hungry, look to your right or turn to your left, you are bound to catch a glimpse of a Halal Cart in some corner of the street if your sense of smell did not beat you to it. So get yourself a filling $5 Halal-style chicken over rice. Street food is sometimes the best food. Just maybe don’t eat it too often.

Deli Sandwiches deli

Find your local deli. Praise your God if you have one. You need to be aware of the deli’s sandwich reputation and know that you will indeed be satisfied for your $4 sandwich. Depending on where you live or what sort of sandwich you are craving, it may obviously be a bit more out of the pocket, but affordable nonetheless. By the way pepper jack cheese and honeyed turkey is an awesome combination.

 $1 Pizza Slicesdollar pizzas

If you live in NYC, your life can be saved on a daily basis if you don’t mind surviving off of pizza slices almost everyday of the week. I mean they only cost $1 so how can one NOT become semi-addicted? Some slices are pretty super-sized too. So hey, have at it!

So what are YOUR favorite quick and cheap meals?!

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Joanne Rae - Coinless Wanderer

Joanne Rae - Coinless Wanderer

She loves: Ginger Ale, Blue Moon, pita chips w/ yogurt, pecan pie, Pralines N' Cream ice cream, Rum Raisin ice cream, salted cashews, PB&J sandwiches, avocados, garlic, and tuna.
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She hates: Onions, asparagus, cucumbers, seltzer water, licorice, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip anything, chocolate ice cream, and walnuts.
She hates: Insects, rain, Kerry Washington, Hummers, talking on the phone for hours, Long Island, buses, winter, waking up early, cats, when babies screech really loudly, when people talk really loudly, and puke.

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