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Incredibly Cheap Japanese Cuisine at Cafetasia

Updated: Feb 27, 2013 22:00
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Cafetasia is your not-so-typical Japanese cuisine located in the New York  City’s quintessential neighborhood, Greenwich Village. It is unconventional perhaps due to the large volume of diverse individuals that step foot in there every day and night and probably because of the bar-like atmosphere it transforms into sometime during the evening.

This cute and trendy restaurant is ideal for any time of day. For brunch, Cafetasia offers the Early Bird (4pm-7pm daily), which includes one appetizer, one Entree, and one beverage, all for just $11. The regular brunch menu includes Champagne, Mimosa Screwdriver, Bloody Mary, coffee or tea, and the meals are only between $9-$10. Sound like a good deal yet?

Well if you are not yet convinced, allow me to present you with the lunch specials, which are a much appreciated $8 a meal. These meals can range from anything such as a spicy beef salad to a pan-fried salmon with tamarind tomato sauce. One can order an appetizer or an entree where he/she can choose from a variety of tastes such as a salad, stir-fried meals, meals with fried rice, noodles, curry, or fish and veggies.

The dinner menu starts from small plates which range between $5-$6, and increases to medium plates which are only $6-$7. The large plates, which are all served with rice unless they are noodle dishes, are $10-$11, and the extra large plates, the fancier dishes, start from $11-$16. There are not too many dessert choices, however the few they do offer are only $5 and their fried ice cream (if you’re not a fan of counting calories) lightens up the taste buds.

Though it can get very crowded, Cafetasia is actually great for small groups and is pretty awesome for celebrating an occasion, namely birthdays. The crew switches on this catchy and irresistible birthday song which raises everyone’s eyes from their plates to search for the birthday candidate around the room. The waiter/waitress carries in her hand either a cake platter with flying sparks as a candle or a platter filled with rainbow shots. The place is beautifully decorated, and though it is trendy and casual and attracts a young crowd, it still holds a classy and posh appearance.

So if you’re in the mood for something Japanese and are looking to spend some time in a different atmosphere, try this dainty little spot. It hasn’t disappointed anyone yet… As far as New Yorkers and tourists go.

Open Sun-Thurs 11am-11pm, Fri-Sat 11am-Midnight
38 East 8th Street (Bet. University Pl & Broadway)
[Greenwich Village]

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