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Broke Ass Artist of the Week – The Deep Thinker, Rivky G (Part 1)

Updated: Jan 01, 2015 12:51
The Bay's best newsletter for underground events & news proudly presents the Broke Ass Artists series where we give our readers an insight to the struggle of some up and coming talent in music. 


I first met Rivky Gee while she was a contestant of Stonewall Sensations at the legendary Stonewall Inn in the West Village. Had I visited a week later, we may have never met as it was her night to be eliminated. She performed an original piece complete with a piano accompaniment (on her own accord) and a cellist that she frequently works with. I’d like to describe Rivky’s unique sounds to all of you but I can’t do that. As you’ll see from our discussion, she is in a league of her own. Here is part one of our interview.


Are you a broke-ass artist?

Lol, well it depends on how we define this term. Do you mean in the physical, monetary way in which coins can increase or decrease our -cents and richness? Or maybe the spiritual kind of broke that, can increase or decrease our sense and richness? Perhaps, one can be broke in both. Humanity is restless. I think I might be human. Though often I question it. But, for the purpose of this interview I’ll keep it to: No, my ass isn’t broken, last I checked in the, ahem, rare, chance that I, unexpectedly turned into a hee-hawing Donkey. Again, I think I’m human and foolishly so. Though often I question it.


What advice would you give to someone who is afraid to pursue a music career?

What part are you afraid of? Are you rich, poor, stable, unstable, happy, sad, healthy, unhealthy, ugly, beautiful, confused, brave, determined? Is it the money you have or the lack of it that propels you to create? Is it simply and directly your passion – to merely channel the melodies, the words, the music that rests deeply inside you, bursting to be free? Are you afraid of the people around you, who perhaps might judge your music? Are you afraid of some of the people that might not understand your ideas, your culture, your appearance? Fears exist and rightly so. They can be the greatest source of our strength or the greatest weakness known to humankind.


I’m often afraid. It is the intangible THING that stops me from moving forward…and yet, it is, paradoxically the THING that hurls me forward on this journey just the same. I’m afraid everyday. Sometimes every hour. From various elements, large and small.  All sorts of people, voices, inside my head, outside my head. Some of them monsters, some of them saints.  I’m afraid of social structures and lack of them, culturally, interactively on a micro and macro level. I’ve met decent human beings to the most dangerous ones, infront of me, far beyond  me. And it’s likely that often times, you, them and I will be misunderstood. We are surrounded, inevitably by fear, perhaps considerably more than love…particularly in our current state of affairs, it seems.

Subscribe to Rivky’s Youtube channel here.


So, yeah, I’m just afraid. As this may be the case, I’m reminded that, like the rest of the planet, I’m human. Though, often I question it.

Afraid to pursue music you say? Indeed, I am..but clearly, as it hit me in the face recently, I’ve recognized that music, unquestionably, pursued me. Perhaps before I was even ready to navigate at all. I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing. And, as creatively and socially disjointed as I often am, It’s been quite an unexpectedly, miraculous journey – to have stepped out of my quiet corner, for the time being. I’m unsure as to the why’s of things, but as it happens, It seems I’ve been given these skills and after many years of ignoring these aspects of my -self, I’ve come to question it a bit more. And well, maybe…it aint so much about me in the grander scale of the hoopla of this world, you know?

Who’s to say I won’t stop playing music today, next week, next decade? I just remembered this book, “Be Here Now”, that my friend, Amy gave me for my birthday. I don’t often apply it as I should but I do love the concept and try my bestest to remind myself of taking in a simple hour at a time. As difficult as that might be. I’d like to just, well, BE.

So, as short as I like to make things; If you want to be broke-ass, with your rare in the hee-haw, confusing your cents with your sense, as often I do, physically, spiritually, while filling your days with curious adventure -I say, this is the path for you. But, there is never just one path, so, by all means, start the trek, explore it and see what happens as you go.


Was there ever a time when a lack of money made you want to stop pursuing your dream?



Be on the lookout for part 2 of Rivky’s interview, coming soon! And come hang out with Rivky in person at our Young, Broke & Beautiful Party at Dardy Bar happening tomorrow night! And if you’d like to be featured in our Broke-Ass Artist of the Week series, please contact Freddie Cosmo at and be sure to sign up for our mailing list for more events and news for your broke ass!




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Freddie Cosmo - Associate Debtitor

Freddie Cosmo - Associate Debtitor

Freddie Cosmo is a recording artist from Philadelphia, PA. living in New York City by way of Miami. He spent all his money on undergrad music school and feels as though he owes all musicians (and the universe for that matter) the most accurate information on how to be broke without giving up on their dreams. He would like to shamelessly invite you to check out his music at