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How You Can Help Save Glide Memorial Church

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Glide Memorial Church is at the center of a power struggle with the United Methodist Church that threatens to undermine Glide’s efforts to serve the needy, provide 700,000 free meals a year to the hungry, deliver family, HIV, and healthcare services, and of course hold their immensely popular Sunday Celebrations that bring down the house with gospel music. Glide has always opened its doors to anyone, but the Methodist Church complains that Glide’s services “lack the fundamentals of Christian worship”, and has reassigned all of Glide’s pastors as part of an attempt to overhaul the radically inclusive philosophy that Rev. Cecil Williams has established at Glide since 1963.

“Sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful as well,” Rev. Theon Johnson III (above, middle) told the congregation in his final address as Glide pastor Sunday. The United Methodist Church wants to step in and make more outside changes at Glide, but there are ways you can stand up and support the Glide Memorial Church you’ve always known and loved.



A petition to support Glide Memorial Church could sure use your signature. This very quick and easy way to stand up for Glide was established by the Glide Legacy Committee of Glide’s young professional parishioners.

“Tell the United Methodist Church and Bishop Carcano to restore GLIDE’s pastoral team and embrace GLIDE’s 50-year legacy of unconditional love and radical inclusivity for the people of San Francisco.”


“Come to Sunday Celebrations,” was the first thing that Glide Foundation CEO and President Karen Hanrahan said when we asked how to support Glide. Though Glide’s current pastors will be reassigned by this coming Sunday, the church plans to continue the gospel music-infused Sunday services and needs support for them more than ever.

“We’re going to keep them going, they’re going to be joyful, celebratory, and inspirational as they always have been,” Hanrahan said.


As seen above, you can go to to make an immediate contribute to sustain Glide’s efforts. Your donation supports the Glide Ensemble and the Change Band that perform at every week’s Sunday Celebrations, as well as Glide’s pastoral ministry, and congregational life groups.

Sunday Service 9am

Sunday Service 9am

Posted by GLIDE on Sunday, June 24, 2018


Hanrahan also asks that people “Continue to express your support for Glide, emails to the Bishop and Superintendent Staci Currant” with “messages of support for keeping that Glide that we know and love as it is.”

If you do reach out by email, remember that a positive tone and an inclusive, compassionate message is the always the more effective method of making a difference. Glide Memorial Church has been making a difference for San Francisco’s neediest and most vulnerable people for more than 50 years, and that’s something we can’t afford to see scaled back in any way.


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