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Salesforce Tower Reveals New Partnership with Mordor

Updated: Jul 22, 2019 15:43
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In a landmark deal between Salesforce executives and The Dark Lord Sauron, Mordor will now begin using Salesforce products to modernize its staff recruiting process, manage border security, and engage with its orcs, goblins and cave trolls.  Lord Sauron said of the deal, “Mordor will now be stronger than ever, we saw how Salesforce helped ICE and the US Customs and Border Protection agencies (CBP) deal with separating all those nasty children and their parents at the US border, and we thought, ‘this is a company that can help us reach our recruiting goals'”.

Rumors were flying all month about a possible deal between the two towers (Salesforce & Mordor).  Some people were claiming that Sauron had secretly reforged the ring of power and was planning on introducing it at Dreamforce2018, but instead Sauron’s great eye appeared on the top of the Salesforce Tower in celebration of Mordor’s new partnership with Salesforce, Sauron’s spokesgoblin had this to say,  “Salesforce shares our principles of seeking total domination over the world of men, so we struck a historic partnership, Salesforce will rule the cloud and something called ‘the East Cut’, while Mordor will have total dominion over Middle Earth, and apparently everything north of Market St. but not west of Park Presidio.”

The hearts of men are easily corrupted, we at are not without some blame, as we, like many others, were deceived by the Dark Lord and we shared the petition to ‘Turn Salesforce Tower into Eye Of Sauron on Halloween night’.  Over 11,000 people signed the petition, and all of them, were deceived.  Little did we know that in secret, Sauron was forging a longterm deal with Salesforce to end the race of men, bring on the age of the orc, and ‘disrupt’ cloud-based sales pipelines for the dark lord and the great eye.

But all hope is not lost, a Coalition of Tech Workers and progressive citizens still resist, and will continue the fight against the union of the Two Towers, and with any corporation who seeks to join them.  #TECHWONTBUILDIT

Fine Print: All references to a union of the two towers, as well as all quotations from the Dark Lord Sauron were made up in order to make you laugh.  The salesforce tower did in fact put up the eye of sauron for Halloween, which was admittedly pretty awesome.
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