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Brooke Jenkins Exploited by Homeland Security

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San Francisco Defense Attorney Brooke Jenkins is not having fun.

The saga of City Hall’s right wing-ification continues. District Attorney Brooke Jenkins has ostensibly requested a reversal of San Francisco’s status as a Sanctuary City. The Chronicle and KTVU were quick to blame Jenkins when news first broke of the controversy. It is unfortunately an easily understandable impulse. Victorious by nepotism, she emerged from the fallout of former DA Chesa Boudin’s ruthless recall seemingly unbeatable. Now, trapped between her own ethics and a federal entity bigger than her, Jenkins might not be so sure.

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A flurry of negative press surrounds Brooke Jenkins. Don’t get me wrong—she’s bad. But in this case, Jenkins is a pawn. She found herself in a one-down position asking the Department of Homeland to extradite two fugitives responsible for “unspeakable crimes.” Per The Chronicle, one man is suspected of a 2009 domestic homicide, the other of sexual violence against children. Please remember that the United States federal government can extradite criminals at any time. Regardless, Homeland Security has refused to apprehend the recently located outlaws unless San Francisco reverses its Sanctuary City status.

The federal government via the Department of Homeland Security has taken justice for victims of rape and murder as hostage. 

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Why Homeland Security might get away with this is because Jenkins was already lacking public favor. Foisting the blame for this inhumane ransom onto her therefore required little effort. If she refused to comply with the federal government, her integrity as a prosecutor could come under fire. That isn’t to suggest she’s altogether faultless. She wanted this job, after all.

Unsurprisingly, the Department of Homeland Security has maintained radio silence on the subject.

Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin told KTVU the move Jenkins is calling for is unnecessary. Peskin went into greater detail with The Chronicle, adding that SF’s Sanctuary City laws do nothing to keep Homeland Security agents from acting now. 

“The feds can apprehend these people tomorrow,” he said. 

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