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5 Reasons You Should Head To Workshop

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So as I was shooting the shit yesterday with Stuart on my day off, we both realized that we have robbed our readers of a real explanation about what Workshop is. Kelly Malone, one of the closest comrades of BAS and an amazing friend, has finally kicked off her dream venture. With Indie Mart and Still Life already in the path of her past, Workshop turns an eye to the future of independent culture.

While embracing the things that Indie Mart does well [showcasing the city’s creative talent, bringing people together and salting the entire thing with alcohol], Workshop aims to motivate you to change the way you think about crafting, D.I.Y., learning and sharing ideas with others. Long gone are the days of knitting in your basement, making zines alone in the copy room or the fear that your sewing skills might not get you laid. At Workshop, they’re down to make it happen.
As if that wasn’t enough, here are the 5 main pillars of reason as to why you should go:

1. It’s super cheap.
All classes are $30 or less for the most part, and will include use of equipment, materials, space and, most importantly, refreshments. Everything from Rock and Roll Sewing for Dudes to Ping Pong Tournaments, it’s almost little to nothing for the value that you get. Coming from someone who has actually witnessed people paying upwards of $200 for a cooking lesson that only showed them how to chop an onion, that’s pretty bad ass.

2. You can learn something.
The biggest misconception is that you can learn everything on the internet. FUCK THE INTERNET. Get off your computer and head out to learn something from people that know what the hell they’re doing. Kelly has done her absolute best to ensure that only the best will be teaching you. Shit, maybe even one of us might be teaching a class! And you trust us, right!? RIGHT!?

3. You can meet attractive, amazing people.
There is something about the crew that hangs out at Workshop that is truly amazing. To perfect the art of being attractive and not being a dick is extremely hard in our society. But here, I find the most genuinely interesting people who are doing great things with their time. And they definitely don’t look bad doing it, either.

4. There will always be booze.
If you know Kelly, you know one thing is for sure — booze is in abundance! Her amazing bloody mary concoctions are going to change the world someday.

5. You’ll be a growing part of a new community movement.
Workshop is breaking down the doors of conventional interaction by offering a space that you can create in, get wasted in and make new friends in. It’s an interesting model for what some are saying is a “drunken community center” — bust out the Pabst and the paintbrushes and get ready to get creative.

And lucky for you, there is an amazing event going on tomorrow!

Click here to see the schedule of classes for October.  Plus a little birdie told me that Stuart will be teaching a zine class there in November!

Bloody Mary Workshop at Workshop
1798 McAllister at Baker [Western Addition]
$16 gets you drunk and all the supplies you’ll need. Bring a notebook to take notes and impress your friends with your new mixologist skills!

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