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‘Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary’ memoir launches with a bang Sunday at CSC

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The newly released book “Polly” is a true ‘memoir for the boudoir’, detailing the fast times, debauched morals and life story of Kinky Salon and the creative superstar behind San Francisco’s favorite and longest-lasting sex party. The book rolls out Sunday night at the Center for Sex and Culture event Sex Culture Revolution with Polly Superstar and Carol Queen, where the two luminaries will hold court, sign books, tell stories and get relatively freaky for a Sunday night. Read on for some Broke Ass Stuart lifehacks that will help you get in at a discount, or even free!

In addition to founding Kinky Salon and other Nobel-worthy accomplishments, Polly Superstar will also appear on the premiere of The Kinda Late Show with Broke-Ass Stuart on Wednesday November 19 at Doc’s Lab.

“Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary” is a great fuckin’ read (in more ways than one!). It sucks you in right away with touching childhood anecdotes of a 12-year-old London girl with eccentric swinger parents, then tells the story arc of how that little girl grew up and stormed San Francisco with her latex outfits, creative mayhem and globally-acclaimed sex parties. “Polly” reads like a “Tales of the City” for perverts, with a nostalgic real-life San Francisco backdrop that you’ll recognize from good times and bad. When reading “Polly”, you’ll be all ‘Hey, I was at that Folsom Street Fair!’ or ‘Hey, I remember that issue of SF Weekly!’

If you’ve lived in San Francisco for any significant time, “Polly” will feel like your memoir too.

The Palace Intrigue Behind Kinky Salon

Image courtesy Michelle Yoder Photography

The memoir becomes a real rollick as Polly Superstar hits San Francisco and hustles “an ocean of leather boys, drag queens and dominatrixes” to start her first hardscrabble series of underground sex parties. Ms. Superstar’s narrative flows flawlessly back and forth between going all Werner Herzog to describe evolutionary human sex patterns, to dishing fun backstage gossip about a young Dita Von Teese. Consider this clip describing her first party at the old Jezebel’s Joint, at the time run by Power Exchange founder Mike Powers:

I promoted the party with a spoof line of personal hygiene products called Moral Minority Facial Cum Removers. I used stickers to tranform the packaging on individually wrapped wet wipes. The front featured a hilariously nasty-looking photo, showing my face covered in what looked like jizz, but was really ranch dressing. On the back, it said ‘Moral Minority facial cum removers are the convenient way to get rid of excess cum after sucking cock and/or muff-diving’. I stapled them to the flier and distributed them all over town.

That is just solid San Francisco history right there.

The Rise of the Polyamory Movement

Image courtesy Michelle Yoder Photography

The memoir also serves as a sensible analysis of the contemporary polyamory movement, and best practices for approaching polyamory in one’s own relationships. Most writing on this topic trends toward vague mumbo-jumbo, and is rarely as insightful as this:

You should feel bad if you kick a puppy. But experiencing shame because you ate too much chocolate, have a strong opinion or fantasize about threesomes? Time to let that go.

Or this:

I am not a free love idealist.I don’t believe we should all fuck each other like bonobos. The human heart can be a complicated playground, and everyone has a different comfort level, so creating standards and boundaries is important. There are no black-and-white answers anymore. Questions that used to be simple have new dimensions. This new sex culture needs sliders instead of checkboxes.

And yes, there are some really steamy J/O material scenes in “Polly”. But just like “50 Shades”, it takes about 136 pages to get to them.

How to Get in to the “Polly” Book Party for free

Tweet your picture of “Polly” for free admission on Sunday night!

Broke-Ass Stuart is proud to offer ‘backdoor’ methods of getting into the Sunday, November 9 Sex Culture Revolution with Polly Superstar and Carol Queen book party at the Center for Sex and Culture for free, or at an extremely discounted rate.

For free admission, just tweet a photo of yourself with the book with the hashtag #sexculturerevolutionary. Or tweet a photo of your favorite sunglasses slapped onto the book with the hashtag #sexculturerevolutionary. Or tweet a photo of yourself masturbating to the steamy J/O scenes in the book with the hashtag #sexculturerevolutionary. Any and all of those tweeting activities will get you in free!

If you don’t have a copy of the book, just buy one at the door ($16 for the paperback) and that will get you in free, while making you a proud owner of this outstanding and entertaining memoir.

Otherwise, you are looking at a $10-20 sliding scale admission fee for Sunday night’s book party.

“Don’t expect readings that go on for hours and a traditional Q&A,” Polly says of Sunday night’s planned frolic. “Sunday’s book party will include gameshows and silly skits as well as fascinating conversation with Carol Queen, the author of ‘Real Live Nude Girl‘ and co-founder of the Center for Sex and Culture. Also, Polly’s MUM will be there to talk about he experiences as a sex therapist in the 70s and what it was like to raise her. Plus there’ll be tons of opportunities to mingle with Polly and the rest of the people who make the legendary Kinky Salon happen!”

Catch Polly Superstar on the premiere of The Kinda Late Show with Broke-Ass Stuart, Wednesday, November 19 — LIVE at Doc’s Lab, on demand via YouTube shortly afterwards and probably on BitTorrent not long after that!

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