Ryan Miller- Depleted Resource Analyst

06 May 2011

Five Things You’ll Never Look Cool Doing

We’ve all had those embarrassing moments where one minute everything is fine, and the next you can feel the blood rushing to your face and are eyeing what could be your quickest escape route so you can go home and cut yourself. Below are five things that it’s almost impossible

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23 Dec 2010

Things You Can’t Leave the House Without in San Francisco

It’s always good to make sure you’re prepared in a city like San Francisco, because you never really know what’s going to happen at any given moment. I put together this check list for all you cum dumpsters to make sure you’re ready when shit hits the fan: 1. Jacket

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17 Jun 2022

The San Francisco Beer Passport is Here!

Step into a world of adventure with the San Francisco Beer Passport. There’s no better way to explore San Francisco than to literally drink it in. This passport is amazing! Each one contains 37 coupons to buy one beer, get a second beer FREE at 37 of the finest locally owned bars,

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap 0
21 Dec 2010

A Californian’s Guide to a Rainy Day

Northern California is known for many liberal and progressive changes. A place where a prostitute can approach the police after being assaulted without fear of a jail sentence. A place where we care so much about the environment that throwing an orange peel in the garbage can rather than the

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16 Dec 2010

Two Forties and a Ferry: A Broke-Ass Booze Cruise

The other day, my good friend from the Azores asked me if I was proud to be an American. Of course, my initial reaction was “absolutely not” but then I got to thinking and that’s when I realized what being an American is really about: Getting drunk on a boat.

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12 Dec 2010

Dave’s Two Weeks ‘Til Payday Sandwich

Ingredients: Spaghetti Sauce (room temperature) 2 Pieces Whole Wheat Bread (the cheaper the better) 10 lbs. Buttery Spread Oriental Top Ramen (preferably cage-free and organic) Directions: 1. Place enough water to cook one package of Top Ramen in sauce pan. Bring to boil. 2. While water is coming to boil,

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22 Jan 2010

Ryan’s Famous “Am I Gay?” Litmus Test

As a full blown queer living in San Francisco, a shocking number of my straight friends have confided in me that they’ve had homosexually charged erotic fantasies. From what I’ve observed, it appears as though everyone has had at least one secret experience that made them feel a  little faggy,

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04 Dec 2009

How to Make a Sacrilicious XXX-Mas Gift

In this troubled economy, thinking about buying holiday gifts as a broke-ass can sound like a nightmare. It’s bad enough you’re eating cold three-day-old spaghetti for dinner, now you’re expected to buy a ton of presents for your friends who you secretly hate. That’s why this year I’ve decided to

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